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Food is a labour of love here at The Black Bull Restaurant & Grill. We put everything into pursuing the best meat and fish, from Field or Ocean to the Butchers Block – then onto the grill, so only the finest and most flavoursome cuts end up on your plate. All of our produce is ethically sourced from trusted producers, and our chef has over 22 years of kitchen experience, and is happy to cook dish to your personal preferences.

There are several parts of our menu for ‘todays offering’. The reason for this is if we list a fish dish as a permanent item, then we are stuck with it for some time. This way, we can visit the Torrevieja and Murcia Fish markets several times per week and handpick the most amazing fresh seafood to keep our customers interested, our kitchen team creative, and our prices competitive.

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CV951 after Calle Rio Vinalopo 1,
San Miguel de Salinas 03193

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